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What are polarized sunglasses?

What are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from strong sunlight, with minimal color distortion of the scenery around you, while you are outdoors enjoying the adventurous activities you've planned.

Why do you need polarized sunglasses?

  Polarized sunglasses reduce the annoying glare coming from surfaces such as glass, water, snow… or highways on sunny days. Through polarized lenses, the objects appear sharper, especially in bright light. They reduce eyestrain and protect your eyes, with minimal color distortion. The polarized sunglasses increase contrast, providing clearer vision.  

How polarized lenses work?

  You can see everything around you thanks to the light rays that reflect off objects. When light hits objects with uneven surfaces, it scatters before it enters your eyes. However, looking at smooth, flat or highly reflective surfaces becomes annoying, tiring and even dangerous, because the light reflects directly into your eyes, without being scattered. The polarized lenses are coated with a thin chemical film that blocks this direct light. The molecules of the film act like blinds on a window, stopping horizontal sunlight. The amazing technology allows only for vertical rays, eliminating the source of glare that creates visual discomfort and causes, in some situations, such as driving, a blinding glare.  

How to test polarized sunglasses?

  There are two tests you can easily perform to make sure you buy polarized sunglasses: Look at a reflective surface, such as water or glass, with and without the sunglasses. If the lenses are polarized, they will make it easier for you to see objects clearly in intense light. Next, put the sunglasses on and try looking at an LCD screen. The screen will look black or very dark if you are wearing polarized lenses.  

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