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January Spotlight: Mavericks sunglasses styled to be your wingman

January Spotlight: Mavericks sunglasses styled to be your wingman

We know you how you fly… on your own terms, daring, with the need for speed.

And in the air or on the ground, there’s no points for second place. That’s why we designed our “Mavericks” steel frame sunglasses. Stylish and rock solid. surfer girl               

  A little bit of attitude with a touch of class… San Diego style.          
Polarized impact-resistant nylon lens and a matte stainless steel frame that are virtually unbreakable. So whatever dangerous games you play - flying, snowboarding, surfing, - bring on your inverted dives or frontside grab n flip. Your Mavericks defy the odds, just like you.    Add a touch of mystery to leave them guessing. 100% UVA / UVB protection to protect those baby blues from the eternally sunny San Diego skies.
               You choose your adventure.  Your Mavericks will be your wingman. WLKS Sunglasses is forging a path to create a line of durable, custom sunglasses and trendy classics that are affordable while bringing attention to the environment and the importance of cleaning up our oceans. Passionate about custom, on-trend sunglasses with sleek, fresh designs, we are leading the industry with a focus on crafting our frames from eco-friendly and recyclable materials while maintaining durability for an active lifestyle.



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